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ZIP art-group
Tech peasants

08 September — 08 October 2020
20 XL Gallery

ZIP art-group
Tech peasants


On September 8 in the XL gallery will be opened the exhibition of Krasnodar art-group ZIP "Tech peasants". The exhibition will present found and recreated by artists artifacts of tech peasants (TK) - a mysterious community that lived in the Kuban in the early twentieth century.

The artists of ZIP group have been researching techno peasants' history since 2019, together with the curator Nadezhda Striga from Berezovsky. At the exhibition, the viewer will get acquainted with the heritage of the TC, preserved evidence of their life and art. One of the central elements of the exhibition is the so-called Pech-house, or model of techno peasant dwelling, the panels of which depict scenes from everyday life of the community: festivals, relations with the land and tools for communication. The object was assembled by artists based on the early drawings of the avant-garde architect Konstantin Melnikov.

"The oven-house is a large fresco transformer, which can be assembled in different configurations", - explain the artists. "It is a reference to Melnikov's house, which may also have been a techno peasant and in the design was inspired by peasant life, and combined it all with progressive practices". 

On the wall of the gallery there will be a large-scale bird's-eye view: this is how the world of techno peasants who lived on their flying island city saw it. Also slides and drawings will be presented in the exposition. Especially for the exhibition will be printed a newspaper "Marusya-Kazachka" with stories and texts dedicated to the TC.

"TC ideas find their embodiment in work and leisure, they are inspired and borrow forms and rhythms of flora and fauna. Abstract images are not important for them in the context of art history, but rather as a language and a way of communication," says ZIP.

The ZIP art-group was founded in 2009. At present, the group includes brothers Stepan and Vasily Subbotiny, as well as Evgeny Rimkevich. The name of the art group (ZIP) is the acronym of the Krasnodar Measuring Instruments Plant, on the territory of which the workshop of artists was located from 2009 to 2015. In 2011 they founded the Krasnodar Institute of Modern Art (KISI). In 2013, the group received the Innovation Award in the category "Regional Project of Contemporary Art", and in 2017 it won the Kandinsky Prize in the category "Project of the Year". ("DK ZIP Stop"). The group's solo exhibitions were held in the XL Gallery ("This Shop fights for the title of exemplary", 2012; "Utopian Skeleton", 2014; "Waiting Mode", 2015; "Black Market", 2017; "DOT", 2018; "Transit Line", 2019), FABRICA Center for Creative Industries, Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art, Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art, etc.). The artists' works are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation.