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Natasha Steynert

25 January — 22 February 2022
20 XL Gallery

Natasha Steynert

XL gallery presents the debut solo exhibition "Tarantella" by the Moscow based artist Natasha Steynert. The show is featuring a series of black-and-white graphics.

The name of the exhibition is a reference to an old Italian dance, which origin is connected with the horrific historical events. During the Middle Ages there was an unusual disease, the so-called "tarantism": the sick ones began to move convulsively, as if they were dancing, but they couldn't stop until they fell down in exhaustion. It was believed that the music of the Tarantella, which is based on the repetitive motive, could heal the sick people: it was even played by the special traveling orchestras.

The key theme of the series is common clichés found in works of the horror genre, which is, in turn, is a huge part of popular culture with all its specificies. So it's not surprising that many plot and visual details are worn-out both by themselves and in the form of compilations, and the pretty rare new ideas instantly become the basis for a wave of imitations.

According to Stephen King, the interest in horror genre invariably wakes up at the most disturbing times. Fictional horrors become a "container" for all repressed aggression, fear and insecurity in society. A killer clown, a zombie or a cursed doll are great enemies when you can't handle nightmares of the real world. Therefore, the main notes on which every second horror is played are not so much clichéd as archetypal: a hero must defeat a monster, and even if he cannot, it only means that another hero must come to replace the fallen one. Fictional monsters are as necessary as the real ones are inevitable.