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Mikhail Romadin

12 April — 20 May 2018
22 Totibadze Gallery

Mikhail Romadin

Mikhail Romadin was born on April 12, 1940 in Moscow. His father, the landscape painter Nikolai Romadin was a student of RR Falk, II Mashkov and PP Konchalovsky. 13-year-old Misha Romadin gave lessons to Pavel Dmitrievich Korin. Then young Misha Romadin attracted another art. He showed his "informal" experiences to Altman and Tyshler, for a long time he lived impressions of the French exhibition in 1961 in Sokolniki with the works of Picasso, Braque, Leger and other modernists.

In VGIK Michael Romadin entered, because he considered this university the most free in creative terms. Then Michael Romadin wrote abstract and surrealistic pictures: in the future his style changed toward figurative.

The closest friends of Mikhail Romadin were Gennady Shpalikov - poet and screenwriter and Andrei Tarkovsky - film director. All three are graduates of VGIK. They met almost every day, gushing with ideas. For the film Tarkovsky "Andrei Rublev" (1969), Mikhail Romadin invented an aircraft - a bag. Was an artist on the film "I'm twenty years old. Zastava Ilyich "(1964) under the script of Gennady Shpalikov and Marlen Khutsiev. M.Romadin is the production designer and the creator of the style of the film "Solaris" (1972) by Andrei Tarkovsky. Mikhail Romadin worked in the cinema and with his friend Andrei Konchalovsky as the production director of the films: "The First Teacher" (1964), "The History of Asya Klyachina, who Loved, Never Married (1967), Noble Nest" (1969).

Mikhail Romadin was engaged in illustrations from his youth, having illustrated more than 200 books. Including, "Р-means a rocket" (Ray Bradberry), "Magic Ring" by Andrey Platonov, and others.

In the works of M.Romadin you can see the characteristic saturation with details, which you want to consider down to the smallest. But the realism of Mikhail Romadin is deceptive: before us, rather, surrealistic works. This is due to the techniques of cinema - enlarged plans, expressive foreshortening, the dynamism of the composition, the method of editing. In the opinion of Mikhail Romadin himself: "A good painting is done from corner to corner, with the same tension per square centimeter."

The artist constantly participated in exhibitions from Geneva and Berlin to Dallas and Beijing. Romadin took many-meter rolls of paper with him, covering them with drawings. One American critic called him "a drawing machine." There were more than 300 personal exhibitions of Mikhail Romadin all over the world.

Andrei Tarkovsky about Mikhail Romadin:

"Romadin's temperament is hidden, driven inside. In his best works, a temperament of outwardly understandable dynamism and chaos, superficially ordered, as it often happens, melts into a calm and noble form, quiet and simple. In my understanding, this principle hides the highest artistic quality. "

Tonino Guerra on Michael Romadine:

"I often went to Michael Romadin, the apartment is full of books, furniture and balance items that are placed here and there, I experienced a few moments of shock, I was afraid that all this would fall on my head." The paintings depicting numerous fighting soldiers , the leaves and grasses need an empty space of walls, but I did not feel suffocation, I organically felt in this labyrinth finding the air and wide horizons in it, then strive for a quiet life that we lose and that is so sweet to his heart. "

Stank works by Mikhail Romadin are stored in dozens of museums and private collections around the world.

In the museums:

- In the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow)
- In the State Russo Museum (St. Petersburg)
- In the State Historical Museum (Moscow)
- In the Museum of the City of Moscow (Moscow)
- In the state theater museum named after Bakhrushin (Moscow)
- In the Museum of Cinema (Moscow)
- In the Museum of Cosmonautics (Moscow)
- In the Museum of Cosmonautics (Kaluga)
- In the Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow)
- In the Central State Museum of Painting (Kiev)
- In the Zimmerli Museum of the University of Rüthergers (USA)
-Museum of Art Jane Forges Zimmerly (New Jersey)
- In the Museum of Modern Art (Chicago)
- In the Museums of Texas (Fort Worth and Texarkana)
- In the Museum of the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie (Berlin)
- In the museum "Des Invalides" (Paris)
- In the UNESCO meeting (Paris)
- The Cartier Foundation (Paris)
- At the Palais des Nations (Geneva)
- In the collections of Peter Ludwig, represented in the museums of Beijing, Cologne, Aachen, Budapest
- In the Museum of Contemporary Art (Seville)
- The painting "Indivisual" is in Geneva in the UN Palace, in the nuclear conference room
- In many museums in France, USA, Italy and other countries of the world.