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Collective Exhibition

15 November — 10 May 2023
В Territory of WINZAVOD CCA

Collective Exhibition

Moskomarchitecture and CCA Winzavod will open a new exhibition of street art «Connection», the second joint project on the territory of the Art Quarter.

The exhibition gave the legendary space in the territory of the unique creative space of Moscow - Art Quarter. The wall along the railway tracks on the road fr om Kursk Railway Station towards two creative clusters: CCA Winzavod and Artplay Design Center - is well known to street artists. For a long time it was constantly covered with tags. It was there that the illegal action «Trigger» took place. This is the main artery, which leads to creative clusters, along the wall every day thousands of people pass. 

The concept of the exhibition «Connection» was developed by Moskomarchitecture and CCA Winzavod in the direction of Urban + Art as a project to support street art artists. As for the first exhibition of the street gallery NETSTEN held a private competition, which was attended by 12 artists. The Expert Commission assessed the portfolio, concepts of works on correspondence with the topic and compatibility with each other. As a result, out of 12 applicants, six artists were selected: Roma Muratkin, Misha Most, Alexey Luka, Olya Iney, Sasha Blot, Vova Nootk. These works will reflect their reflections on the urban environment and its interaction with modern art.  

The exhibition «Connection» will last until May 2023, after which the project Street Gallery NETSTEN will renew the exhibition.

The Art Quarter will attract the city’s residents, an interesting route for a pleasant walk, during which a meeting with modern art takes place. The NETSTEN Street Gallery is part of the excursion route of Vinzavod CSI, wh ere listeners learn the history of Russian street art and see the real works of artists», - says Sabina Chagina, art director of CCA Winzavod.

According to her, the next stage of the appearance of art in the Art Quarter will be the IV Biennale of street art «Artmossphere», which will be held in the spring of 2023 in the Basmanny district. In this way, new works by artists will appear in the Art Quarter, increasing the effect of the presence of art and creating new points of attraction for the citizens. 


The first project of the creative space Art Quarter, uniting since 2019 two creative clusters of the capital  - Winzavod Modern Art Center and Artplay Design Center, took place in spring 2022. It became an exhibition «Architecture of the Word», dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of Moskomarchitecture. 

On the wall along the railway tracks on the road fr om the Kursk railway station in the direction of two creative clusters are bright and unusual works of artists. Muscovites could see works by Slak_Aesthetics, Dima Retro, Cyril Ctu, Petro_Aesthetics and Ivan Nightty. 

The «Connection» exhibition will be the continuation and development of this project.


Roman Muratkin
The hero of the work of Roman Muratkin rushes somewhere in his own business. Movement and dynamics of the form emphasize the rapid pace of life in the big city. This rhythm and flow unite the inhabitants of the metropolis. 

Misha Most
In his work, the artist explores the impact of technology on humans. The characters' traits have something from androids, something from people who perceive the world through our familiar means of communication. So Misha Most shows the interconnection of digital and real worlds, and perhaps the absence of a boundary between these two realities. 

Alexei Luka
Alexey Luka depicted an urban pattern that uses abstract elements and architectural details. They mask the space under the usual pattern of the metropolis. This is a kind of tetris, from which shapes the silhouette of the city. 

Olga Iney
Every day, people who are in a hurry, they run, they rush, people who pass by merge into a mass - it is difficult to distinguish anyone or remember. But as soon as you stop and focus your eyes, strangers find their own unique identity. 

Sasha Blot
The two surrealist beings, forming different elements, find harmony only by joining one another with the touch of the lips. Their shaping force not only increases, but also acquires a common color. So the artist depicted a moment of creation - a time when it is necessary to create, love and balance. The infinite source of inspiration and formation of thoughts, emotions and meanings for man is himself. With our own hands, we are able to create parts of our world: from architecture to plants, from the simplest things to the infinitely filled with the meaning of art. The most important thing is to share this with others, creating the strongest and most balanced ties. 

Vova Nootk
The sketch of the artist is devoted to reflections on how a single city puzzle brings together a variety of characters and wh ere each takes its place.