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David Ter-Oganyan
sharom pokati

09 July — 31 July 2019
20 XL Gallery

David Ter-Oganyan
sharom pokati


On July 9, an exhibition of Russian artist David Ter-Oganyan opens in Gallery XL. The name of the exhibition (“sharom pokati” - You could even roll a ball through it; there's nothing there; it's completely empty) is a reference to the author's page of the same name on Facebook, on which he published his works in recent years (previously it was called “A Thousand Drawings”).

“I didn’t conceive any central idea: I wanted to show the different things that had accumulated over the course of a year,” says Ter-Oganyan. - I am interested in funny pictures. All works are impromptu, and I do not hesitate over them, I just write. But, in general, this is what I have been doing for 20 years: such drawings, posters in the style of the 68th.

David Ter-Oganian is the winner of the first Russian national award in the field of contemporary art "Black Square" (awarded for the project "Operation", 2004) and the International Art Competition Henkel Art Award (2011). The artist's personal exhibitions were held in Gallery XL (“I Have a Dream”, 2004), the Museum of Modern Art of the Ludwig Foundation in Vienna (“Winner of the Henkel Art.Award”, 2011), Multimedia Art Museum (“The Speed ​​of Light”, 2012) , Anna Nova Gallery (“Jhffddfhuddfgdfffy”, 2015, St. Petersburg) and others. The artist's works are in collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Center for Contemporary Art and the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg). Lives and works in Moscow.

The exhibition will feature about 40 works of David Ter-Oganyan. The author actively works not only in traditional, but also in digital technology, often combining drawing and recognizable images of the Internet space (emoticons, emoji, frames, etc.), but for this exhibition he selected the most successful graphic works made on paper .