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Ivan Razumov
"Happy Moscow"

24 January — 06 February 2018

Ivan Razumov
"Happy Moscow"

VLADEY under the "Artist of the Week" program presents a solo exhibition of Ivan Razumov "Happy Moscow".

The new picturesque project of Razumov is a chamber, private and cozy series of the artist's fantasies about his native city. The artist either represents some still not come true Moscow, deprived of prohibitions and signs of heavy state pathos: a city in which every secret previously classified is opened for rest and entertainment. Either he tries to imagine what is really going on behind the purple walls of our forbidden city. What if the Kremlin, on the outside, being the international symbol of blind state arbitrariness, inside, in fact, turned into a kind of paradise of the Nuda Zoo, through which naked beauties walk among the giraffes and jaguars?

According to the artist, the idea of ​​the exhibition is inspired by the eponymous novel by Andrei Platonov. The work is mysterious, unfinished, ecstatic and sarcastic. In it, not only the action takes place in Moscow, but also the main, all-beloved heroine who "flies in the air and lives with her husbands", called Moscow Ivanovna Chestnova.