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Sergey Dozhd
Cyarcism and Sciarsists

19 October — 28 November 2021

Sergey Dozhd
Cyarcism and Sciarsists


"In realistic art, we write what we see, in the mental, what we create ... "

                                                                                                                           Sergey Rain

The FINE ART Gallery, together with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, presents the first international exhibition in Moscow "Sayarsism and Sayarsites".

Sayarsism is a trend in contemporary art created by the Russian artist Sergei Dozhd. It is now an international movement of intellectual artists who are developing a system for understanding abstract art, just as huge understandable abstract spaces were created in physics, mathematics or quantum mechanics.

About 300 artists fr om Russia, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, China and other countries are taking part in this direction. More than 50 exhibitions have been held in various countries of the world. Many world-famous cultural figures widely cooperate with the direction - Batson Brock, Dieter Ronte, Barbara Dietrich, Huang Mei, Joseph Laske and many others.

Sayarsism is also a new philosophy that allows you to creatively develop not only art and culture, but also human consciousness, morality, society, and spirituality. Alexander Borovsky defined this direction as a new wave of the Russian avant-garde and the Russian philosophical school, which can have a great impact on the global cultural space.

The main concept of the exhibition is to show how artists visualize and explain the space of internal or conscious abstract art predicted by Wassily Kandinsky. The founders of abstraction said that art can be abstract, but they did not say how to abstract. Classical abstraction was silent for over 100 years - it was just, meaningless squares, circles and triangles, abstract paintings were beyond the realm of understanding and therefore were often signed only with numbers and titles "without a title."

Cyarsic theory proposed a system for understanding artistic abstraction, a new artistic language, Cyarsic semiotics, wh ere a square is thought, a circle is a feeling, a triangle is intuition, more complex elements of consciousness are more complex figures, images and formulas. The theory highlighted the main feature of the Cyarcian style - complete universality, you can use realistic and abstract artistic elements, signs and descriptions, general or your own artistic solutions, the main thing is the ability to understand the artist's consciousness. As a result, Cyarsist artists were able to define their abstract creations and explain them to the audience. As one of the journalists remarked at an exhibition in St. Petersburg: "Finally, these endless abstract squares, triangles and circles have formed into something understandable."

The exhibition will feature many new artistic discoveries. Viewers will be able to see complex states of consciousness, its landscapes, areas of paradoxes, labyrinths and madness, as well as its beauty and multidimensionality, and even understand how to construct consciousness and how to measure it. The exhibition will show the influence of the new direction on other areas - science, philosophy, spirituality, society and the person himself. Sophisticated art critics will be able to feel how the curtain is opening over the mass of new genres and trends in art, for example, landscapes of consciousness, mental portrait, mental constructivism.

It is important to note that the exhibition will present both global generalizing solutions from the field of abstract art, and interesting, individual, inner worlds of artists, a kind of "Sayarsindi".

In general, for the viewer, what is happening will be perceived as a real artistic and philosophical journey through the world of consciousness.

Exhibition participants: Sergei Rain, Franco Viola, Victor Popov