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Group project
Rhythm of the City: NETSTEN Gallery exhibition

28 May — 13 September 2024
28 May —
13 September 2024
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Group project
Rhythm of the City: NETSTEN Gallery exhibition

Street gallery NOWALLS
The new exhibition continues the season of the first legal street art gallery NETSTEN.

Sasha Elshi, Alexey Mednoy, Denis Kibeda, Sergey IMAN, Timur FORK and Ilya Case presented their works.

Dmitry Aske, an artist and researcher of street art, became the curator of the fifth street art exhibition of the NETSTEN street gallery from Moscow Architecture and the CCA Winzavod Rhythm of the City: from sunrise to sunset".

On a wall almost a hundred meters long, 6 colorful murals of modern street art artists appeared, each of whom showed his idea of the rhythm of the city, its faces and plots that unfold hourly on the streets. What the metropolis lives and breathes from early morning to late evening, who inhabits it and what motivates these people, how the city shapes the worldview of generations and how it looks in the eyes of creative people.

Dmitry Aske, curator of the project: "The rhythm of the city is the image of a modern metropolis embodied through the union of artists' styles. A concrete wall divided into six parts, one for each participant, becomes a canvas showing different times of the day. Thus, the authors show the transformation of Moscow over the course of 24 hours and give viewers the opportunity to experience the rhythm and dynamics of the metropolis from the morning bustle to the night atmosphere. Each of the 6 parts of the wall turns into an artistic work that conveys the energy and mood of a particular moment in the life of our city."

As a result of the competitive selection for the implementation of the concept "Rhythm of the city: from sunrise to sunset", the jury selected six artists, each of whom interpreted the key tags of the project in his own way: Moscow, rhythm, time of day.


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