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artist Konstantin Sutyagin
Pro cinema / À propos du film

21 November — 16 December 2018
22 Totibadze Gallery

artist Konstantin Sutyagin
Pro cinema / À propos du film

In Totibadze Gallery opens the exhibition of the artist Konstantin Sutyagin. Follower of the traditional Moscow school of paintingwill present a series of paintings about Moscow and Paris, made in the traditionaltechnique “canvas and oil” called “Pro cinema / À propos du film”.

The main characters of the paintings are Moscow and Paris. The inhabitants of these cities play against the background of attractions, like the actors of the movie, then go home after a session of popular vintage cinema such as "Art" and "Victory".

Throughout the exhibition, the author compares such trends in art, as "painting" and "cinema". According to Constantine Sutyagin: "Unlike cinema, painting never ends: it hangs and hangs on the wall, does not fade with the word "end." But the movie leaves about itself a memory, for that we love him. A good movie is a memory of the space in which you want to return, in which you want to live, in which it's good to live because usually in the movies everything ends well. ”

The parallel theme of the exhibition of Konstantin Sutyagin - comprehension concepts of “happiness” through which the artist appeals to all like-minded people. At the “Pro Cinema” exhibition visitors will be invited to become heroes of “cinema with a good end”, whose main task is “to the viewer just  to enjoy life. " Summing up his comparison “painting” and “cinema”, the artist concludes: “I would like to create such painting, as leaving the cinema, when everything is over, “The end”, but a vague-joyful memory remains — and to continue to sounds of music. "

Konstantin Sutyagin - russian artist. Since 1991 actively. Exhibited in Russia and abroad. The artist has already passed more than 100 personal exhibitions.