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25 July — 25 August 2019
М The Wall Project (Small Area)


A new layer [KISSES] of the Russian artist Philippenzo has appeared on the Wall - about replacing fear with another and more positive emotion.

The artist works with a basic human emotion - fear, a protective mechanism that warns us against danger. 

"From the genre of horror, in the power of which we all stay, it is known that the evil is fueled by fear, and, sated, becomes only stronger. In my work, I resort to the common practice of art therapy to study fears. The technique is simple, but effective - when you paint your fear in the form of something funny or good-natured, it dissolves, there is a substitution of negative feelings positive," - says Philippenzo.

About the artist

Philippenzo was born in Volgograd and was educated in the artistic and technical fields. The symbiosis of knowledge in the technical sciences and creative approaches shaped his artistic strategy.
He started his career in 2008, becoming a pioneer in the genre of madonnari and pioneer of 3D-painting on asphalt in Russia. He took part in festivals in Russia, Belarus, Italy, the Netherlands, USA, Tunisia and the UAE. 
He has been living and working in Moscow since 2011. From this moment on, his passion for street art and his work on the street with street art counts.

About the project

The WALLING WALL project is a free space for dialogue with street art. Each new layer is a new street art project in the main art cluster of the country. Support of street art has become a tradition for more than ten years of Winzavod's history, the WALL project itself has renewed the layers more than 30 times and among the authors the most significant representatives of street and contemporary art, such as Alexey Kallima, Kirill Kto, Chtak, Timofey Radya and Pasha 183 and many others were mentioned.

About the curators of the Wall - the creative association of ARTMOSSPHERA

ARTMOSFERA is an independent creative association, an agent of street art support and development in Russia, the founder and organizer of the Biennale of Street Art of the same name (2014/2016), the only international festival in Russia fully dedicated to street art.