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Alexander Golynskiy

09 July — 18 August 2019
23 pop/off/art gallery

Alexander Golynskiy


Polytail is the first solo project by Alexander Golynskiy realized at pop/off/art gallery. The title comes fr om artist’s personal glossary and he is the author of this exact term: ‘poly’ comes fr om plurality and ‘tail’ is a part of a word ‘detail’. The semantics of the term clearly illustrate the methodology and the general concept of Golynskiy’s art– bonding and division.

As the artists points out himself, ‘Polytail is an object whose structure unites a multitude of similar, commonly used objects. Artworks created with such a method, are synonymous to fragments, or details, of modern society. Formally, these objects no longer tend to recognizable configurations, rather their ending form is connected to the inner logic of the material itself and its conceptual depletion’.

Alexander Golynskiy furthers the ideas of 1960s Arte Povera movement through the implementation of improvised and routine materials: construction sealant, wire, duct tape, stationery items– practically everything that surrounds us on a daily basis and remains unnoticed. The artist researches poetics of simple things and, through changing their configuration and creating new narratives enlarges the spectator’s associative field.

The exhibition’s main part would be devoted to objects from the Casts series, made with colored duct tapes which are, in fact, the main module of Golynskiy’s plastic language. The pieces not only explore the material’s potential but also fulfill the artist’s formal concepts. In his objects, artist organizes complex rhythmical structures and works with the color schemes of modern acrylic pigments. By cutting duct tape into smaller and smaller pieces, it seems that Golynskiy illustrates the fractals’ theory that claims the infinity of material’ division and an absence of a minimal unit. Nevertheless, Golynskiy forms clear and complete artistic statements.

Alexander Golynskiy was born in Simferopol in 1987. In 2007, he received a diploma from the Interior Design Faculty at the Crimean Samokish Art School. He later furthered his education as a stage designer for theatre, television and film industry at the Kyiv National Academy wh ere he later performed researches and taught. In 2013 he was awarded as a finalist of the Grand U-ART prize in Paris, France. Artist graduated from the Free Workshops Art School in 2016 and later proceeded with his education at BAZA Institute for Contemporary Art in 2018. His most noticeable solo exhibitions include: Soft Edge, a collaboration project with Anatoly Osmolovsky at Moscow’s Sidura Museum in 2018, Save As at the Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation in Moscow in 2016, Chamber, realized within the program of the Grand U-ART prize in Paris in 2013, and Moon Walk at the Kyiv National Academy. Golynskiy has also participated in numerous group exhibitions which feature these significant projects: Strange, lost, unseen, useless (BAZA Institute at the Winzavod Contemporary Art Centre, 2018), You can only dream about art at the Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation(Moscow, 2017), Studio 2017. A place wh ere no one dreams. (MMOMA, Moscow, 2017), Calculation and Tracing (Malmo, Sweden, 2017), Revolution at the Fabrika Exhibitory Platform(Moscow, 2017), and Joy Bar, realized within the 5th Moscow Biennale for Younger Art (Fabrika Exhibitory Platform). The artist lives and works in Moscow.