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Katya Granova
The Picnic In July

29 March — 10 April 2022
20 Open Studios

Katya Granova
The Picnic In July

Personal exhibition of the Open Studios artist Katya Granova “The Picnic in July”.

“Lille, July 1937” is the caption on the back of a photograph of unknown people found by the artist in an antique shop in Versailles. This caption adds to the idyllic family picnic scene an ominous spirit of impending disaster. In her series of works, Katya Granova uses old photos as a loophole in random moments of the past, which are usually tragic. Bypassing the official historical narrative, she builds a new dialogue with artifacts through painting.

Katy Granova comments on her project: ‘The medium of painting allows you to tactilely interact with an enlarged photograph, to penetrate into the disappeared world imprinted in it with your body, touch, physical presence.’

The Open Studios project is aimed at supporting young artists, combining the principles of a workshop, residence and art school based on one of the leading Russian art institutions, the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art. An important component of the project is the educational direction, as well as the opportunity for young aspiring artists to work with a tutor, receive personal professional advice and participate in collective projects, artist talks and master classes.