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Zhanna Mality

19 June — 28 June 2021

Zhanna Mality

The first personal exhibition of the capital's photographer Zhanna Maliti presents the best works fr om different series of the period 2018-2020. This is a chronicle of lifestyle: city walks, fashion photography, atmospheric shots made on black and white film and the author's business card - portraits of famous people against the background of a white wall.

The choice of a white background plays an important role and is associated with Jeanne's personal history, as a child she visited the Western Wall and, if you look closely, in the upper left corner in many of my photographs there is a small crack. Thus, Jeanne draws a parallel with the Wailing Wall, wh ere the cracks in the wall keep notes from all the pilgrims.

Zhanna: “The White Wall is a refresh and reset system. The white wall is cleanliness and order. The white wall helps me organize the chaos around me. This is freedom that allows you to fully express your creativity, an unlimited opportunity for the embodiment of all inner sensations. This is my personal perception of infinity. I do not want to take from the world, but to give to it. White color - giving, not absorbing like other colors, merging with nature, giving complete harmony, naturalness and purity. Color, as an end point, to which everyone must come, going through all the difficult stages of life. White is the color of self-discovery for me, so I photograph people on a white wall. By opening them, I reveal myself. "

Within the framework of the exhibition, two special events will take place: the presentation of the PEPEL SBEY magazine and the video of the same name. The magazine is dedicated to the dog Jack, who has lived with Jeanne for 16 years. According to her, “Jack taught a lot, like love and how to love. If you love, then sit and do not touch. Love is a feeling, not an action, not a physics. In my photographs, cigarettes and ashes become an expression of memory and love. " The first cover of the magazine will be a photograph of a dog's skull blown by ash.

About the artist:
Zhanna Maliti was born in 1989 in North Ossetia. Has been photographing since 2009, filming in a provocative aesthetic against a plain white wall, using a 1980s rock and roll aesthetic. She worked with magazines Tatler, Vogue, Elle and others, shot for Gucci. Recently, Zhanna has been combining photos and interviews, which has led to the idea of ​​her own magazine "Ashes Shoot Down" with the video of the same name.