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Andrey and Veronika Rudieva
Foam days

27 January — 31 March 2021
6 InArt Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna

Andrey and Veronika Rudieva
Foam days


On January 26th the split exhibition "Foam of Days" by Andrei Rudiev and Veronika Rudiev-Ryazantseva opened in the InArt Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna.

The main innovative idea of Boris Vian's existential novel, from which the title was borrowed, is the transmission of the inner state through external manifestations. This approach is obviously familiar to the visual arts, but is particularly characteristic of Veronica and Andrei's work. 

Artistic or even rather poetic vision of even the most banal objects and events of everyday life is what unites the artists and attracts the attention of viewers. The exhibition includes 28 paintings united by the common theme of "reflections". Artists "reflect" in their works everyday objects, events, feelings and experiences. With Andrew it is more a reflection and processing of external impulses, and with Veronica - internal experiences and sensations. A frequent motif in Veronica's art is self-portrait. In this case the artist draws attention to the "other," but this close scrutiny of the "other" is, of course, an attempt to understand and unravel herself, us, the complex human nature with its motives, manifestations, states. 

Andrew's works are an image found and selected from the daily media stream, which is saturated with a special meaning and turns into the author's super-sign, and becomes a significant element of the artist's visual language, passing from work to work. Andrei and Veronica not only live in the same space but also work in the same studio, becoming a reflection of each other willy-nilly. Veronica writes, "Andrei and I are a mirror for each other. Although initially, of course, for me Andrei is a portal to the world of art, a guide. It is such a coincidence that we are also a couple, we share all spheres of life, but it is through art that we manifest ourselves the most. 

At the exhibition, as in life, there is an intersection of views, our paintings look into each other and into the viewer." This time we get a chance to get a little glimpse into the personal, somewhat intimate space of the studio in which Veronica and Andrew work. 

The theme of the gaze is no less important to the artists. In one of Andrei's works the eyes light up in different colors, winking at the viewer, in another one they eagerly peek, gazing and stares are present in Veronica's works "The Double" and "Anima". The viewer, entering the space of the exhibition, becomes part of the exhibition, adding his "gaze" and the duration of the action, that is, the dimension of time. 

Andrew writes: Good art is never boring, it is interesting to view it even in the hundredth time, often finding a new one, depending on your condition and mood. What does it depend on? Art is valued by the personified presence of the author, his vital energy lives in the work. The artist expresses his reflection on time, civilization, current problems or a broken heart, passing the idea through the filters of his personality, his experience, worldview, aesthetic preferences. The canvas is the boundary, the meeting line between the inner (the artist) and the outer (time), on this boundary the energy that feeds art emerges. The artist and time are interconnected: the artist belongs to his time, he lives in it, at the same time trying to catch it with his art, to preserve it for "eternity". The very occupation of painting implies a long gaze into the subject. This daily, almost meditative practice sets one in a contemplative mood. We suggest, following the artists, that you slow down and devote some time to yourself, to reflection, to art. Especially for the exhibition, Andrew has created a playlist that will help you catch the right mood.