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Stas Volyazlovsky
"Suck in Paradise"

24 January — 04 March 2018

Stas Volyazlovsky
"Suck in Paradise"


REGINA gallery presents an exhibition dedicated to the memory of Stas Volyazlovsky - the artist of "chanson-art", the poet of the people's marginalia, the hero of our time ...

REGINA has been cooperating with the artist since 2007, during this time two personal exhibitions were held in the gallery, the catalog "Chanson Art" was published, the works were repeatedly presented at international fairs. Retrospective includes more than 100 works that cover the most active period of the artist's work fr om 2002 to 2016. 

Touching the forbidden topics, with a constant black humor, Volyazlovsky came up with whole stories: "Lubok comics" on sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, mattresses, created wall newspapers, graphics, collages, installations, video works, wrote stories and poems. Volyazlovsky's works are a "stream of consciousness", without filters and fastidiousness, a reflection of the insanity of the surrounding world, the meanness and cruelty of human nature, all that pours on us in concentrated form through media streams - "dismemberment", pornography, crime, politics, yellow press. Horror does not disappear if we close our eyes to them. The visual language of the artist absorbed the forms in which maximum freedom, simplicity and frankness are possible: naive art, Russian lubok, art of the mentally ill. 

The original manner of Stas Volyazlovsky quite corresponds to the color of the provincial city of Kherson, wh ere he lived his whole life, to his entourage of artists-colleagues. It is about frankness, self-irony, black humor, ridiculous comical cases and rumors. About real stories from the life of the artist you can write a whole book, as they say, and laugh and sin. Much of the daily routine, imposed on the horrors of the "big world", passed into a grotesque form in his works. 

Invented by Stas Volyazlovsky "chanson-art" was for him a way of frank conversation with the people, with his hard fates, fears, superstitions, everyday attitude to religion, sham thoughts and stories. It is no accident that the protagonist of Volyazlovsky's bestiary is the phallus - he is an ancient symbol, and the most frequent provocative and hooligan image.

Each work at the exhibition is a banter, and a form of work with fear and disgust. Here came prison romance with perversion, drawings in public toilets with intimate diaries, modern folklore with insanity. Stas burned with his ideas, did not deviate from them, did not adjust to compromises, boldly went his own way - not a drop of falsehood. 

And then he died.