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Oleg Ustinov and others

06 March — 19 April 2018

Oleg Ustinov and others

VLADEY presents an exhibition of the rising star of the modern
Russian art.

Vladimir Ovcharenko reports:

"Oleg Ustinov for today is a bright and explosive talent, fr om his works we feel the energy of a new, something so unknown yet." The student of Sergey Bratkov shows an example to other students and us, the audience, how to move forward. pull up ... "

Eugene the Reverend narrates:

"I saw Oleg's work for the first time at one of the Russian dragdiilers living in Amsterdam," Explosions. "At the same time, the synaesthetic sensation, sung by Vasily Kandinsky, had an effect on me, and I heard something like cotton.
was the clap of a bottle of champagne in the trembling hands of my Russian friend, signaling the beginning of the break-up, but nevertheless he managed to tell me about the artist. Ustinov was born in the South of Russia, in Rostov, a city known for rap, jumps and a local likeness of lobster-crayfish. He studied in Moscow with Sergei Bratkov, finishing the Rodchenko School with the first in its history
a pictorial diploma. It is rumored that Ustinov adheres to the "double artistic strategy", doing both strange media projects and a heart-rending abstract painting. I warmly welcome the abstract experiments of the artist in the country where the name of Kazimir Malevich is inscribed even in the construction of residential complexes! About Malevich resembles a series of Ustinov with squares, wh ere the remnants of the avant-garde were rubbed into this geometric form, reminding me of my visit to Rosa's smelly roasted pigeons Wylie. Another series - "Liquid Geometry" * - an impressive combination of machine and manual in trying to reconcile the expressive and meditative branches in abstract art, and at the same time, apparently, show how the Russians go beyond what is indicated on the map orbit. "Tripofobnye travel" * Ustinov revived in my memory the day when my uncle riddled the wall of a two-room apartment, trying to get into a dispute from Lanchester to a fly. Ustinov, however, these "bullet holes" are strictly structured and "healed" by multiple pictorial efforts, helping the suffering triphofobic
the whole world. But my favorite on this derby is "Liquid jungle" * - a single picture, striving to become both a sculpture, a cake and a magical adventure in the spirit of Harry Potter. "

(* - works created within the residence of the Foundation Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin).

At the exhibition "Oleg Ustinov and Others" in VLADEY Space, the color of Contemporary Art from Russia is collected, and the problem of the Other's view is again touched upon, which will never be superfluous.