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Vova Perkin
Project WALL new layer

03 May — 23 July 2018
В Territory of WINZAVOD CCA

Vova Perkin
Project WALL new layer

The WALL project, working in the Vinzavod Center for Contemporary Art fr om 2010, will be patronized by the organizers of the International Biennale of Street Art.

The "Wall" project is more than an exhibition space, it is an open discussion field wh ere each new exposition calls for a dialogue about street art. Today, "Wall" acquaints the public with the phenomenon of street art in its natural conditions, giving viewers a unique opportunity to observe and freely contact artists in the process of creating the work.

Project history:

Arising in the space "Art-arrow" on "Red October", in 2010 the WALL project moved to "Winery", the administration of the Center for Contemporary Art from the day of its foundation shared interest in street art. So, one of the first events organized in the SRC in 2006 was exactly a graffiti festival. During the existence of the project, Alexei Kallima, Kirill Kto, TCHAK, Pasha 183, Timofey Radya showed their works on the WALL. Creative association "Artmosfera" supervised the site of free creative expression in the summer season of 2016 and 2017, during this time the artists of the street wave Ivan Nainty, Andrei Vedro and the graffiti-team Letme presented their works here. Now the association "Artmosfera" will deal with the art program of the WALL on a regular basis, determining the further development of the project.

A new colorful layer of the wall will create a young artist Vova Perkin, who, like many, began his career with graffiti. The author started drawing the drawing on April 24, interrupting the work for the time of bad weather, it is planned that he will finish it in the coming days. The work "Uncle Mushroom dances tap dancing for you", like other works of the author is a colorful pattern in which weird characters, floral ornaments and fantasy shapes are intertwined. A colorful layer can be seen on the main wall of the winery for a month.

More about the artist:

Vova Perkin (1995) - a young artist from Maikop, began his creative work with drawing graffiti after moving to Ochakovo 10 years ago. Lives and works in Moscow and Moscow region. The founder of the creative association Notre Utopie, which also includes artists Dima Macond, Serezha Fili, Gene Zhuk and Maratka. Vova creates works in his own recognizable style, which he calls "perkinism." His work is distinguished by the grotesqueness of images and characters, plots performed in a naive artistic manner, and bright colors, acting in contrast to each other. Work is often a colorful pattern, in which we intertwine bizarre characters, floral ornaments and fantasy shapes.

About creative association "Artmosfera":

Artmosfera is an independent creative association, an agent of support and development of street art in Russia, the creator and organizer of the Biennale of Street Art of the same name (2014/2016), the only international festival in Russia devoted entirely to street art. The main project of the II Biennale of street art "Invisible wall" was held in the Moscow Manezh in September 2016 and entered the top three of the category "Exhibition of the Year" award The Art Newspaper Russia. In June 2017, the association was awarded a nomination for the Moscow Urban Forum in the category "Urban Design". Its goal is to create a platform for the local street art community, generate new names and change the appearance of city spaces, the association implements in a number of producer and exhibition projects, graffiti-jam, public art programs and through the creation of picturesque murals on city facades.