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Recycle Group
New Nature

17 December — 13 March 2022
14 Red Hall
14 White Hall
21 Big Wine Storage

Recycle Group
New Nature

The art of two dimensions, the future that has already come, the opportunity to dive into augmented reality, get acquainted with artificial intelligence and find trees playing techno in the jungle. The super-technological futuristic mystery exhibition New Nature by the famous art duo Recycle Group opens a portal to the future for the audience.

Download the free audio guide and the Recycle Group AR app to take you on an exciting journey through cybernized landscapes - through the three spaces of Winzavod.

The art duo Recycle Group, laureates of the Kandinsky Prize, are trendsetters in the modern art world. Artists have represented Russia at the Venice Biennale multiple times and twice got into the TOP-10 of the 49ART rating. Staying authentic as always, they turn to the recycling of meanings and the study of cultural and visual codes in the new project.

This exhibition is a futuristic reflection on new technological systems and the place of living beings within them. Connect to the global mental space, which has become sacred due to the large number of calls. The system will definitely answer you.

Red Hall

The section in the Red Hall focuses on «recycling as reincarnation». The installation «Open Source» (2021) is the hallmark of the artists. The modern version of Parthenon's high relief depicts eternal struggle between human beings and bots instead of canon struggle of centaurs and lapiths. Users with phones in their hands, similarly to the Egyptian mummies, lie in garbage cans in the form of ancient sarcophagi (Sarcophagi series, 2017–2021). And if you go through the «Gates» (2012) in the Romanesque style made fr om corrugated pipes for electric cables, you can find yourself in the place where the souls of righteous users become immortal. Here, two human bodies during downloading personal information got stuck on the border between the worlds – between the material one and the world of cloud storage (installation «Illuminator 12. Diptych», 2015).

Reveal the secret meanings of the Recycle Group's work, get access to labels and annotations through QR codes.

White Hall

In the White Hall Recycle Group explore the specifics of «machine vision», replacing the human gaze with a digital code. In the center of the hall there is the work «Zero» (2021). Choose the right position - and the colored luminous servers arch will be reflected in the mirror surface and close. This is the point of beginning and end, everything and nothing, a symbol of the accomplished transition to a new digital world.

The multimedia installation «Probability» (2021) offers you two options for the development of your future, two doors - blue and red. Scan the QR code in the app and choose which prediction you want to hear from artificial intelligence - negative or positive. AI doesn't read from the palm of your hand, it learns your individual digital footprint on social media.

The administrator at the entrance will help you get the number of the electronic queue and get into the prediction room.

Big Wine Storage

You enter the augmented reality section. Download the Recycle Group app for Android or iOS. Several art objects in these halls can only be interacted with in this way. To connect to wi-fi and find the app, please contact our administrator.

Almost the entire space of the Big Wine Storage is filled with noisy thickets of the plastic «Forest of Expired Links» (2021). On each sheet of thickets dead links to websites are printed. The giant stumps of ancient sequoias in this forest are riddled with neural network fragments. If you touch their surface, they will play electronic music.

The work «Blocked Content» was created by Recycle Group for the Venice Biennale in 2017. Sinners walled up in blocks of ice represent blocked users. You can only see them through the AR app. They try to take pictures of invisible food, fight for likes and beg to get them back online.

Another AR installation «Human Template» demonstrates a new species Homo Virtualis in its natural habitat – in augmented reality. Artists are trying to analyze the «archaeological culture» of early 21st century, the era of the «virtual man». They explore high antique art in synthesis with a new digital identity.

You can also walk around the hall with «Artificial Mud» (2021). This work is a metaphor for the digital footprint, the garbage that we leave on the Internet. Unnecessary and forgotten photos, videos and documents in the storage of messengers, cloud services and social networks. The production of such «dirt» in the future threatens not only with high tariffs for storing information, but also with a physical expansion of the areas wh ere servers will be installed.

There is no conflict between nature and technology. There are thought, spirit and knowledge permeate the elements. The organic world and the human get the opportunity of a full-fledged virtual life – matter is being transformed.

The New Nature project represents the exhibition of the future. Digital technologies here are necessary to interact with a work of art. And you are an active participant in the creative process.

The exhibition is organized by Winzavod CCA and the Triumph Gallery with the support of the Manege Exhibition Hall (St. Petersburg).