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Irina Roon
Without leaving the room

23 January — 03 March 2019
22 Totibadze Gallery

Irina Roon
Without leaving the room

In the gallery Totibadze opens Irina Roon exhibition "Without leaving the room...". The Petersburg artist will present a series of works made in the still life genre, which have become a new stage in her creative path.

The work of Irina Roon is a process of development and the search for oneself. For many years, after moving to St. Petersburg, large subject canvases with mystical subjects, very far fr om the current painting of Irina, came out fr om under the artist's brush. Inspired by what he saw on the Internet, in books and at exhibitions by painting at the Leningrad school, Irina Roon begins the process of rethinking her mission in painting: the formats of her works begin to decrease, and the range of subjects changes. There is a cardinal moves from life to painting. In parallel, the artist lightens the palette and alternates the canvases with the democratic orgalitom. In other words, Irina Roon comes out of a kind of underground and begins to communicate with the best artists of St. Petersburg, who, in turn, recognize her achievements. A significant role in the development of painting Irina played and her creative trips to Tbilisi, Batumi and her native Odessa, which took place in 2016.

By the beginning of 2017, Irina appears to us as a completely formed artist. The works of Irina Roon are absolutely recognizable, independent, and in recent years they managed to decorate the best private collections of St. Petersburg. In the works of the series “Without leaving the room...” Irina Roon sincerely displays and notices simple household items, revealing their beauty.

About the artist:
Irina Roon was born in Odessa in 1979, wh ere she graduated from the painting department of the Grekov Art School. In 2001, Irina moved to St. Petersburg, wh ere she began to earn a living selling her paintings of the period, which had some success in the salon galleries. At the end of 2015, Irina entered the circle of artists of St. Petersburg, which is why the artist has a turning point in her creative development.