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Ales Nomad and Ruslana Solopeeva
At the Bottom

25 May — 31 July 2021
6 InArt Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna

Ales Nomad and Ruslana Solopeeva
At the Bottom


On May 25, the InArt Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna opens the split-exhibition "At the Bottom" by Ales Kochevnik and Ruslana Solopeev.

The project continues a series of paired exhibitions on site in 2021.

The At the Bottom Project is an artist's reflections on the origins of contemporary art. Using the classic postmodernist technique of mixing different cultural codes, artists at their junction reveal repetitive symbols - the basis of the history of art and human culture in general.

Classical sculpture, still life, R. Mutt Duchamp - recognizable cliches, understandable to the most ordinary viewer. However, over time, the symbols, losing their meaning, turn into a semantic field simply in an indistinct muttering. "Beautiful" is the scariest word for art. This means that art has ceased to be "modern", understandable to a living viewer, and turned into a dead piece of paper or marble. However, those who know the history of art understand that the "modern" in each era can only be formed from what has already been studied and considered by previous generations. Ruslan Solopeev and Ales Kochevnik reveal this relationship, revealing what is hidden “at the bottom”.

The use of images borrowed from classical art is both flirting with the viewer, calculated for the effect of recognition, and an attempt to break through the impenetrable wall of the "aesthetic", returning the "voice" to the depicted.

Ruslan writes: “The structure of the human eye is finely tuned to the perception of the surrounding world, helping a person to navigate in it. Each epoch carried out an "ontological throw-in" thereby generating a unique cultural code. It is on this that the often-voiced assertion that the artistic world can be felt as more authentic than real is based. The thickening of artistic symbolism forms a landscape that is ontologically perceived as richer than the everyday world. Through a special configuration of key symbols, repeating "emblems" and leitmotifs, the all-generating element of being is visible. In fact, any artist claims to achieve such an effect: to be a translator of the artistic concept of being.