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Leonid Tse
Boy and Tangle

28 May — 31 August 2019

Leonid Tse
Boy and Tangle

OVCHARENKO happily announces the start of cooperation with a talented artist fr om St. Petersburg, Leonid Tse, and invites you to the opening of his personal exhibition "Boy and Tangle". It will present new paintings.

The dependence of internal human optics on age is well known - in different years, the memory focus is induced on different memories. Leonid Tse has a daughter, and the artist now turns to his childhood more and more often. Important memories of his father, children's impressions and his own new paternity experience - something that has not yet been spoken about, came together in the paintings and watercolors of the project, whose name made the image “Boy and Tangle”, long accompanying the artist.

In all the new works, Tse himself is depicted - this is a hero who looks and acts like a fairy tale character, hides behind a mask or is dressed in superpowers magic outfits. But there is no “character” in the usual conceptualistic meaning of Tse, the gap between the author and the character is minimal here. The circumstances and situations are fictional, and at the same time real. It is not always clear wh ere the landscape with the river comes from, for example, from what personal stories, photos taken on vacation, seen in picture magazines, how and when was it captured?