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Tatyana Akhmetgalieva
"Love these fiery moments"

25 January — 02 March 2017

Tatyana Akhmetgalieva
"Love these fiery moments"

REGINA Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Russian artist Tanya Akhmetgaliyeva "Love these fiery moments". With this exhibition the gallery begins its cooperation with the author. The source of inspiration for the new project was her own video installation of 2015 "Fragile Island" and the tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

"Love these fiery moments!" - as if calling the exhibition. Spectators fall into an ephemeral greenhouse, where an abundance of glitter and rainbow-colored overflow creates an atmosphere of excessive, mesmerizing "hyperscapacity". It's like "Garden of Oblivion" fr om the fairy tale "The Snow Queen", along which, among the magic flowers, the enchanted Gerda wanders, forgetting about where she was going and why. This paradise is artificial. Its shiny surface is attractive, but deceptive. It's just a product of our aspirations for the unrealizable, for dreams, divorced from reality with its eternal problems.

The exhibition presents works with textiles, which are Tanya Ahmetgaliyeva's business card, objects and video installations. In her embroidered panels, the threads have a special symbolic meaning - it is an allegory of complex interrelationships between objects, people, worlds, and the embroidery for the artist is a kind of graphic technique. Collages made of shiny fabrics of various textures, videos shot through prisms - everything flickers and shimmers, like in a kaleidoscope. The soundtrack for the video was specially created by the well-known psychoanalyst and philosopher Victor Mazin; it sets "an alarming feeling of fragility" in the exhibition, as Akhmetgaliyeva put it.

The name of each exhibition is a phrase. Visitors seem to hear scraps of someone's dialogue, traveling through this garden, wh ere the flowers tell their stories.

Video installations were made in Paris in 2016, at the international arts center Cité des arts, with the support of the French Institute in St. Petersburg

About the artist

Tanya Akhmetgalieva was born in 1983 in Kemerovo. In 2002 she graduated from the Kemerovo Regional Art School (design department). She studied at the PRO ARTE Institute on the program "New Technologies in Contemporary Art", in 2011 - at the SPbGHPA named after M.Sh. Stieglitz (Department of Art Textiles). Laureate of the award of Sergey Kuryokhin in 2015 and 2016 (projects "Allergy to dust", "Fragile island"). In 2010, she took 1st place in the "Newspeak" contest of the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg. In the same year she became a finalist of the Kandinsky Prize (the "Puppet Stage" project). Participant of the 1 st, 2 nd Moscow International Biennial of Contemporary Young Art "Stop! Who goes there? "(2008, 2010). Her works were presented at the fairs of contemporary art "Viennacontemporary" (Vienna, Austria) and "Cosmoscow" (Moscow, Russia). Exhibited in the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, Russia), Calvert 22 Foundation (London, Great Britain), Galerie Forsblom (Helsinki, Finland). Works are in collections of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, Russia), Turku Art Museum (Turku, Finland), Kiasma Museum (Helsinki, Finland), EMMA (Espoo, Finland), as well as in private collections. Lives and works in St. Petersburg and Moscow.