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Collective exhibition
Laboratory. Senses

14 August — 20 August 2020

Collective exhibition
Laboratory. Senses


Ephemerality is the main quality of the world of smells, which echoes the vagueness of non-objective abstract painting, which artists turn to to reflect emotions and feelings. Often they are inwardly intangible experiences that cannot acquire specific forms either visual or verbal - only in the form of color without beginning and end they find their expression.

In the exhibition "Laboratory. Senses" the viewer expects an interweaving of olfactory and visual ways of perception of the world and communication. Scent, like painting, is a way of communication between living beings. If painting mediates communication between the artist and the viewer, and it is through the prism of the painting that their dumb dialogue takes place, then fragrances can carry a communicative way of interaction not only with the world around them, but also with themselves.

In the project "Laboratory. Senses, we are looking for some correlation between these two types of perception. This exhibition is a process of learning about our sensory receptors. 

A perfumer taking part in "The Lab. Senses", Oleg Chazov mixes his notes, scents, just as the artist mixes colors on the palette and places accents on the canvas to obtain a composition that perfectly expresses the emotions and ideas of the artist.

The scents specially created for this exhibition do not just complement the abstract paintings - the impressions of both worlds of fragrance and painting are mixed, helping each viewer to find his or her own impression and perceive the meaning of the work in their own way.

The scents have no trace, but they remain in our memory, creating an associative link with our past. Thinking about it, Asya Bagaeva created a series of works "Fragrances", which include her favorite states of nature. Working on each composition, she represented fragrances, tried to feel them, causing visual associations in her imagination. Asya works in a variety of genres and techniques, but all her works are linked by the same idea. For this artist, aesthetics is the dominant element in her work.

When you look at Polina Zaremba's Lazuli, can you smell the sea salt? - can you hear the smell of hot rocks? For this artist, painting is a way of knowing yourself in this world. She does not try to repeat reality, but follows it by looking, listening, trying to feel the real, living, the essence. Hence the spontaneity of compositions, powerful and dynamic color, diverse texture.

Mamuka Didebashvili also takes part in the exhibition. All his works, as well as abstractions and figurative ones, are filled with deep meaning and are the product of a huge, painstaking work. The central work of the exhibition belongs to the brush of this author. The title of the work "Moon in the Pomegranate Garden" itself triggers a trigger in the viewer. Combined with the fragrance created by Oleg Chazov, the visitor plunges into his own world of imagination, into his pomegranate garden, flooded with moonlight.

Nature is so ingrained that for each mother her own child has its own unique scent. Abstract works by Maria Skobeleva are dedicated to waiting for a new life, a miracle. How can this be conveyed by notes of scents?

Theona Yamanidze presents several structural abstractions performed in an interesting author's technique. These works are original, but they can also form small compositions. The fragrance to which these works can be associated remains unique for each viewer.

"The laboratory. Senses" is literally an experiment in which your impressions and sensations will both mix and shake, but there will be no one exact result in the output. The perception of the senses and the impressions obtained through them are all individual, so the only result we expect in this laboratory is an ambiguous and individual interpretation of images and smells for each visitor.

Artists: Asya Bagaeva, Polina Zaremba, Mamuka Dideba, Maria Skobeleva, Teona Yamanidze.

Perfumer: Oleg Chazov.