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Roman Sakin
Curaspatia. General principles

21 January — 28 February 2020
H4 XL Gallery

Roman Sakin
Curaspatia. General principles


On January 21 the XL gallery opens the exhibition of Russian artist and sculptor Roman Sakin "Curaspatia. General principles". The exhibition will feature a man-made book dedicated to "kurraspaty" - the author's method of healing, based on a special interaction between man and the space around him. The publication will be presented in the form of separate folding sheets. 

The word "procraspathy" is formed from two Latin words: cura - "to heal" and spatio - "space", - explains Roman. - It is a philosophical and therapeutic system based on the theory of space arrangement and human perception of space. Using this knowledge, instruments have been developed that influence human perception of space and create new spaces. A person who skilfully uses the system of "kraspat" gets kraspat healing and is called "kraspat".

According to Sakin, the project has been prepared since 2017 and was the first exhibition to describe not the theoretical but the applied aspects of kurraspat.

"The book describes the main kurraspat practices: devices (field and chamber), treatment and park facilities, walks, clothes, bath and gymnastics," says Roman. - "But the kurraspathicheskaya system is universal and can be applied by kurraspatami enthusiasts to any human activity. Kuraspathic healing is, of course, a psychological condition, but it affects the physical condition and can heal physical illness". 

Roman Sakin is a graduate of the Vasnetsov Abramtsevo College of Art and Industry and the Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Art and Industry. Nominee of the Kandinsky Prize (2009, project "U.S."; 2012, project "Master of the 3rd class"). Personal exhibitions of the artist were held in gallery XL ("Point of rotation - me", 2018), Moscow Museum of Modern Art ("Forest", 2008), gallery "Flight Booth" ("Our time", 2018) and others. The author's works are in the collections of XL Gallery, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow Museum of Actual Art ART4.RU and others.