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Vladimir Potapov and Emmanuel Bornstein
Chronicle of isolation

23 June — 20 August 2021
H9 pop/off/art gallery

Vladimir Potapov and Emmanuel Bornstein
Chronicle of isolation

The pop / off / art gallery presents a new international project of the gallery artist Vladimir Potapov and the Franco-German painter Emmanuel Bornstein "Chronicles of Isolation". The exposition is based on a series of works created by artists during the first wave of the pandemic in Moscow and Berlin. Every day, starting from March 20, 2020, Potapov and Bornstein recorded on paper and canvas the objects around them, rare forays into the grocery store, scenes from everyday life, burdened with a constant stay in an apartment. In conditions of isolation, the artists engaged in a dialogue on the network - they posted pictures of their paintings on Facebook and Instagram, adding comments and reactions to each other's posts.

“Our new way of life is dictated by certain circumstances. This has never been and will never be the same. It is important for us to live this time, to feel all his fears, despair and hopes. We will document our every day, we will do it in the way that we do best - painting. The online diary is a chronicle of isolation, immersed in domestic life, in inner experiences and comprehension of what is happening outside ”- Vladimir Potapov.

During the isolation period, Vladimir Potapov created 95 works - that is how many days the self-isolation regime lasted in Moscow. Emmanuel Bornstein ended his participation in the project earlier, as soon as the quarantine in Berlin and France ended. During this time, he wrote 52 works. All works of artists, made in isolation, will be presented in the exhibition.

The works will be shown in chronological order, which will make it possible not only conceptually to preserve the dialogue of artists, but also allow the viewer to pay attention to the regional features of overcoming the problem that engulfed the whole world in 2020 and has not been resolved until now. The growing tension due to isolation from social life, anxiety for loved ones, procrastination, the search for new hobbies and everything that every person faced when suddenly being locked up - illustrated by artists with the help of painting.

The exhibition will also showcase the post-isolation works of Vladimir Potapov, completed in 2021, which reflect the artist's reflection on the topic of isolation and the changes that have taken place this year.

A continuation of the project will be an exhibition of Vladimir Potapov and Emmanuel Borntstein at the Berlin Crone Gallery in 2022.

Vladimir Potapov was born in 1980 in Volgograd. Received art education at the Institute of Arts. P. A. Serebryakova (Volgograd) in 2000-2001. Later he graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art and "Free Workshops" (Moscow). Potapov was nominated for a number of major domestic and international awards in contemporary art. Participant and curator of dozens of group exhibitions. The personal exhibition "From Memory" was shown at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2015), the personal exhibition "Only History Ahead" was held in the Kunsthalle in Rostock, Germany (2018). The artist's works are included in the collections of such institutions as the Museum of Modern Art (Krakow), the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art (Perm), the V.I. Sergei Kuryokhin (St. Petersburg), Museum of Street Art (St. Petersburg), Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation (Moscow), in a number of high-profile private and corporate collections. Lives in Moscow

Emmanuel Bornstein was born in Toulouse, France in 1986. Lives in Berlin since 2009. He studied painting at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and then at the University of the Arts in Berlin. Bornstein took part in 30 group projects around the world, is a laureate of the Franco Allemand pour la Jeunesse award (2009, Paris, France), in 2018 he took part in the international residence Elizabeth Krief and Jacques Manardo Residency (New York, USA ). Currently, there are two personal exhibitions of the artist - "Three letters" at the Museum of Resistance and Deportation in Toulouse (France) and "Claims" at the Crone Wien gallery (Austria). Emmanuel Bornstein's works are in numerous private and institutional collections in New York, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid and Istanbul.

The exhibition was realized in collaboration with the Austrian-Berlin gallery Crone.