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Alexander Florensky
Pictures painted in Moscow

24 August — 26 September 2021
22 Totibadze Gallery

Alexander Florensky
Pictures painted in Moscow

The Totibadze Gallery will host the Paintings Painted in Moscow exhibition from 24 August to 26 September.

“I remember well how, in 1980, Kostya Batynkov took me to the alleys of Kitay-Gorod, saying that“ it’s still beautiful here ”. I well remember the dome of the dilapidated Ivanovsky monastery, reminiscent of St. Petersburg (we had not yet been to Italy). On the same day, I had the idea that it would be nice to paint pictures about Moscow. And, I must say, it periodically surfaced in the mind, but was quickly replaced by the emerging opportunities to travel to paint in Jerusalem, Italy, Georgia, England and other previously inaccessible places of interest. And now only forty years have passed, and thanks to the epidemic and, accordingly, the impossibility of leaving habitually to Tiflis or Rome, I finally realized this old idea. And it turned out that over the past month I really fell in love with Moscow, which was not so beloved before, having got to know it better, and I am very glad about it. My wife Olga Florenskaya wrote in comments to my pictures on Facebook: "Rehabilitation of Moscow as a cozy place" - these words could be put into the epigraph to this short text. "

Alexander Florensky