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Alisa Gorelova

06 September — 15 November 2021
6 InArt Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna

Alisa Gorelova


On September 6 at 19.00 in the space of InArt Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna the opening of the personal exhibition “Gestura” of the artist fr om St. Petersburg Alisa Gorelova will take place.

This is Alice's first personal project in Moscow. The exposition includes paintings and video installations. In her works, Alice explores the border between man and the outside world, between the body and another body.

The main medium of the artist is painting, and textile sculpture and video have also become an important part of her work. In the study of corporeality, an important point for the artist is wh ere violence turns into sensuality, and aggression turns into weakness. The interaction, oscillating between love and the manifestation of power, becomes the focus of the artist's interest. Her research is, in fact, a sensory perception of changes in the world, including within close relationships between people. Gesture is translated from Latin as body movement, that is, body movement, “bodily behavior of a person in everyday life” or more broadly: “a way to act”. In modern culture, the word "gestura" is used to refer to certain movements of the fingers across the screen to trigger an action. That is, a gesture differs from a movement precisely in that it is a way to convey to another (or the Other), be it a person, an animal or a machine, a certain message. In short, a way of communication. A gesture is a social symbol that contains, in a reduced form, values, ideals, ideas, and norms of life that are characteristic of society. The concept of a gesture script implies the rules for using gestures in a specific situation: situations such as being in institutions and interpersonal communication, sacred practices, festivals and ceremonies, the entire wide field of everyday life, presuppose the presence of certain gesture scripts. However, an interesting question remains, is the gesture a cultural derivative, or is it a reflection of the natural reactions of the human body? That is, is this method of communication universal, or is it possible to recognize what a person has put into a gesture only by studying this “sign system”, like the alphabet? Philosophers and scientists still do not have an unambiguous answer to this question. Alice in her project discusses this topic, depriving the heroes of her works of any recognizable context. Inspired by images from classical culture, Latin American votive painting, sports competitions, she deconstructs the plot to a gesture, and creates canvases on which it is difficult to make out whether it is a swimmer or sacred images of the Middle Ages. In search of that very “universality”, Alice places her heroes either in the space of an abandoned church, or in a pool, or, as in our case, in a white cube, revealing the very idea of ​​interaction between people.