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28 May — 20 July 2019
М The Wall Project (Small Area)


A new layer FLAVA by Russian artist Ders, who made his first spray painting in 2006, appeared on the WALL.

The name of the work speaks for itself. Flavor is an expression of ourselves. When creating a new layer, Ders set himself the task of displaying a vision of a street, creative, and modern community — many people involved would be able to recognize themselves and their friends in this work. The artist uses bright colors in large numbers, and the main emphasis is on the stylized form and emotional mood of each of the FLAVA heroes.

About the artist

In 2013, Ders graduated from college as a Designer Environment, but after a while, he began to delve into graphic design and illustration. Since 2012, Ders has been actively involved in the preparation and execution of numerous projects and festivals in Moscow and beyond.

Currently engaged in graffiti design and illustration. Leads and maintains a healthy and active lifestyle.

About the project

Project WALL at Winzavod - free space for dialogue with street art. Each new layer is a new street art project in the main art cluster of the country. The support of street art for more than a decade history of the Winzavod has become a tradition, the WALL project itself has updated layers more than 30 times and the most significant representatives of street and modern art, such as Alexey Kallima, Kirill Kto, Chtak, Timofey Radya and Pasha 183 and many others.


ARTMOSSFERA is an independent creative association, an agent for the support and development of street art in Russia, the creator and organizer of the eponymous Biennale of Street Art (2014/2016), the only international festival in Russia completely dedicated to street art.