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Common Table
Final Exhibition of Open Studios

11 February — 03 March 2019
5 Open Studios

Common Table
Final Exhibition of Open Studios

Vernissage of the exhibition will be on February 11 at 19:30

The exhibition “Common Table” under the supervision of Andrei Parshikov completes the second season of Open Studios project. The main focus of this season was self-organization - the artists themselves initiated various activities and collaborations. Within the framework of the second season, eight artists worked at the Studios - Andrei Andreev, Slava PTRK, Liza Shtormit, Natalya Gudovich, Tanya Klyat, Katya Garkushko, Mikhail Levius and Maria Ivanova.

“At the heart of the final exhibition is the topic of sharing time and discussions. Common Table is an exposition exploring the very process of creating and operating a group exhibition. The name refers to the now trendy restaurant trend, when all guests are invited to a single set table, and this creates a situation of dialogue for people not familiar with this, as happened in 18th century Europe. The table itself, which is placed in the center of the exhibition, and to which viewers and artists are invited, perfectly reflects the democratic principles of Open Studios, where the viewer has access not only to the work, but also to the author, and to the process of creating the work. ” - says the project tutor and exhibition curator Andrei Parshikov.

On February 11 will begin the open-call for participation in the third season of Open Studios. Applications for participation are accepted on the website of the project