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Alexander Florensky, Olga Florenskaya, Katya Florenskaya
"What we saw"

08 March — 09 April 2018
22 Totibadze Gallery

Alexander Florensky, Olga Florenskaya, Katya Florenskaya
"What we saw"

Some time ago, Alexander Florensky came up with a series of landscapes in boxes (partly a kind of ironic reminiscence about dioramas in local history museums), trying to add painting one more dimension.

He made a fair amount of such landscapes depicting all sorts of attractions from different parts of the world from Izborsk to New York, from Copenhagen to Valaam and from the Solovetsky Islands to London, using wooden boxes and roof tin.

In the middle of his work, his plan changed, he dragged in this project desperately resisting Olga and Katya Florensky, who somehow cooperates for many years, deciding that such an "art" method can give a more acute and less predictable result.

So it turned out - the "sculptural" component of these objects ceased to dominate, being covered with painting, and it became clear that the one who painted the object is the author.