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Marousya Borisova-Sevastyanova

20 September — 21 October 2018
22 Totibadze Gallery

Marousya Borisova-Sevastyanova

A series of paintings with a combination of several techniques was a continuation of the experiment lasting several years and was called "Reading man". Artworks of the series "Reading man" today are the key motive in the work of Marousya Borisova-Sevastyanova. Creativity of the artist balances between expressive realism and figurative painting. Merging together, they create a unique style of the author.

The theme uniting the work of the exhibition is "lead patience". The great hands of the heroes of the paintings - as a result of this accumulated feeling, of unrealized potential, fr om which  inaction at all desire, there is nothing to pour into. And the state of prolonged expectation - as the main features of modern life, and desperate joy - as a result of despair: "It hangs in the air - everyone is tired. Tired of waiting, when at last something is over and it will be possible to sit down, rest, look through part of the passed way with an inner gaze and, having had a good sleep, start a new part. We are so used to it, we are waiting for it, but there is no rest. Such a mystical lack of sleep the last few years. And if there is nothing to celebrate, then from some inexpressible inner despair we began to celebrate emptiness. Without training, who in what and wh ere got, without a reason and a common path, almost strained." In the meantime, we are waiting - we drink tea and read books. According to Marousya, the pictures do not tolerate lies. One cunning will be enough to spoil everything. Undressing "naked" and revealing the artist's emotions, the pictures need honesty with all her life manifestations: "I do not write about myself, I write through myself. About how time, city, country, events and people sprout by the example of one person and something in it is changed, transformed, forced to live, love and die from time to time."

The series "Reading man" gives the viewer an illustrative example of the skillful combination of two experiments of the work of Marousya Borisova-Sevastyanov - sketches from nature and expressive-decorative-abstract artworks. According to the author, painting can be both an ordinary craft, and a reflection of the artist's metaphysical state. And what is painting today is a question, the answer to which is subordinate to the mood.

Marousya Borisova-Sevastyanova was born in Moscow in 1985.  Since 2001-2007 National Fashion Institute (Moscow); with the 2013 School of Visual Arts in New York, the residence of the Faculty of Sculpture, art installations and new technologies. Since 2004-2008 stylist of subject photography, editor of fashion department of Esquire magazine; since 2008 - stylist of subject photography, editor of fashion department of Vogue Russia; from 2014-2016 - conducting author's educational courses on the creation of commercial art installations and shop windows. Since 2004 and up to the present day he has been working with various publications, such as Esquire, Elle, Harper's Bazaar; Forbes Style; Robb Report; Departures, etc. Since 2013, he has been creating decorations and art installations for events of various companies in Moscow, such as Lunar Hare agency, R.S.V.P. agency, Km20 concept store, Allure magazine, Interview magazine, Beluga, MEGA, SMIT, etc. Since 2012, it has been producing art showcases for Moscow stores, including a series of 16 showcases for the autumn season 2016 of the Children's World in Lubyanka, GUM, Oldich Dress & Drink, Km20 concept store. From 2005-2008 she took part in the exhibitions of Esquire magazine 2016, in the group exhibition STARTinART in gallery K35 2017, and also held a solo exhibition "A Good Dream" in the ART4 Museum of Modern Art in Moscow.