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Sergey Geta

24 January — 28 February 2018
23 pop/off/art gallery

Sergey Geta

Exhibition of Sergei Geta in the gallery pop / off / art - is the return to the art scene of the famous artist, one of the leaders and founders of domestic hyperrealism. His first for many years personal exhibition is called Blacklead (in English - lead writing) - Sergei Geta turns to the favorite drawing technique with a simple black lead pencil that made him famous in the late Soviet years and perestroika. Since the mid-1970s, the artist has participated in the most important international exhibitions of graphic art, having established himself as a professional in photorealism.

Sergei Geta works with graphics, reproducing photographic images on a tablet with pencil with amazing accuracy: this distinguishes his works, known to viewers through numerous exhibitions (among them "Hypperrealism, when reality becomes an illusion" in the State Tretyakov Gallery). The curator of the exhibition and the head of the Department of the Newest Trends of the State Tretyakov Gallery, Kirill Svetlyakov, described Sergei Getu as one of the most reflexive artists of hyperrealism: "He had a heroic practice, because this is a long-time work connected not with the transfer of photo effects, but with the reconstruction of the photographic image. Of course, here there is a certain artistry - strokes, but they are styled for the quality of an erased, scratched photograph. He told me that he literally crippled himself with this work and broke his eyesight. "

The plot and specifics of the statement of the new project, which the artist has been preparing for the last two years, are connected with the theme of the disintegration of Soviet material culture. Sergei Geta reinterprets the legacy of the Soviet period through images of sculpted objects of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements: he paints with "the highest skill and love" the "remains" and "fragments" of a bygone era, giving them a living and ambiguous history. Artifacts of Soviet times acquire a second life in the author's schedule, they become not just objects of nostalgia, but real works of art, precious and renewed.

The quality of the fine work of Sergey Geta highlights it among the masters of hyperrealism: the differences between photography and the author's drawing have become extremely unstable. For the artist, the most accurate reproduction of a photograph in a graphic is not so much a process as a personal experience and practice of being in a special state: "What I'm dealing with is a combination of modern technology that makes an image on a film-photo paper as concrete, visible as the physical reality itself, - and recreating it on paper with a pencil, that is, graphite - the most ancient material at the artist's disposal. Here in this synthesis of the newest and the most ancient - some kind of paradoxical calligraphy, only a very long one, it's also meditation. " Work on one hyper-realistic drawing in a pencil, which lasts about two or three months, for Sergey Geta - a whole segment of life. The author's will to create a new work is transformed into a desire to be constantly in the process of this creation, the "birth" of one's own reality.

Sergey Geta was born in 1951 in Kiev. He graduated from the Kiev Art Institute. Since 1975 he takes part in art exhibitions and competitions of international level, including Biennale of graphics and drawing in Germany, Poland, Malta. He is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. The works of Sergei Geta belong to the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery; Museum of Ludwig, Cologne, Germany; Zigzag Corporation, USA; Crystal Art Museum, Japan; art museums in Nuremberg, Wroclaw and Kiev, as well as in numerous private collections around the world. The artist lives and works in Moscow.