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Kristel Prümm

14 August — 16 September 2018
22 Totibadze Gallery

Kristel Prümm

Christel Prümm a German artist and psychotherapist. A series of abstract painting, which was the result of an illustration not of a specific idea, but of a state of mind, appeared in 2014 and was called "Unnamed". The history of the series and its name is explained by the professional interests of the artist. As a psychotherapist, Christel Prümm is professionally interested in the emotions and reflections of viewers of her works – what people feel when they see her pictures.

During her personal exhibitions, Kristel noticed the bewilderment on the faces of the audience when they read the signatures to her works. Later it turned out that many people disagreed with this or that name, because they found in the paintings a completely different meaning for themselves. In this way the idea was born to present an exhibition of no name of works, united by the idea to allow viewers to interpret the pictures themselves, letting them through their own emotions.

Most of the work of Christel Prümm was born after psychotherapeutic sessions. The experience and emotions received during the day were embodied in the paintings. According to the artist, the color rendition depends on the mood. She often has to repaint her work in order that colors start to live, and the mood – to change. And although "Unnamed" is a series of abstract paintings, Kristel prefers not to reckon her work to a certain current, but to act freely.
The series "Unnamed" gives an idea of the artist's different styles of work - watercolor, acrylic, mixed technique, Christel Prümm works without being attached to any one technique, enthusiastically and diversely. She skillfully connects paper and canvas, creating interesting structures with a brush, spatula and roller.

Christel Prümm was born in the city of Limburg an der Lahn (the land of Hesse, Germany) in
1946 Has a diploma of a psychotherapist. She took painting lessons in the Europäische
Kunstakademie (Trier, Germany), Faber Castell (Stein, Germany), Matisse Haus (Vance,
France), Kloster Neustift (South Tyrol, Italy), Kunstwerkstatt Allgäu (Betzigau, Germany),
Städelschule (Frankfurt, Germany), Freie Kunst Akademie Augsburg (Augsburg, Germany).
Personal exhibitions Kristel took place in Germany, Greece, Italy and Russia, among which: “As a phoenix from the ashes” (Darmstadt, Germany), “In search of traces” (Berlin, Germany), “Identity - human and abstract” (Vladimir, Russia). Participated in numerous group exhibitions in Darmstadt, Weilburg, Osnabrück, Lübeck, Cologne, Berlin (Germany); in Bergamo (Italy) and Innsbruck (Austria).