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Marusya Borisova-Sevastyanova

05 October — 05 December 2021
22 Totibadze Gallery

Marusya Borisova-Sevastyanova

The Totibadze Gallery will host the second solo exhibition of Marusya Borisova-Sevastyanova from October 5 to November 7.

I am convinced that every idea limits the artist. Intelligence is a thing overvalued by our time, and it is time for it to give way to the primacy of feelings. We aimed to be smart instead of happy. But knowledge increases sorrow. If they don't serve the senses.
I worked hard, studied hard, honed my technique and my ability to articulate accurately. This kind of upbringing was accepted. Therefore, my choice in favor of feelings stretched out for some time, did not happen in one day.
This retrospective exhibition begins from the very period when nudity was a figurative concept for me. Emotional nudity began with a naked body, it is the letters of the alphabet, from which words and meanings are yet to be born.
Gradually, I gave up sketches and concepts, relieving every minute in the workshop from any restrictions. The experiment showed that harmony lives between black and white squares. Then I saw that it was not the rejection of knowledge and technology in favor of feelings that resonated in the era of the ensuing chaos. Their relationship works, their general maximum manifestation. Manifestation as a dialogue, as a dance, as a conflict, as a confession, as a game, as a beginning and an end - at the same time.
Just like a moment is not a void in the interval between life and life, but the presence of absolutely everything at the same time, here and now. All possibilities at once, seen on a white sheet.
Marusya Borisova-Sevastyanova

An artist working in the field of painting, graphics and art installations, created scenery and worked as a showcase. In the period 2019-2021. taught painting at the Master's program at the School of Design at the Higher School of Economics under the guidance of Vladimir Dubossarsky.
* 2001-2007 - National Institute of Fashion, Moscow. Red diploma of the Faculty of Fashion Design;
* 2013 - School of Visual Arts (SVA, New York), New York. Residence of the Faculty of Sculpture, Art Installation and New Technologies.
Exhibitions and events
* 2005 - 2008 participation in exhibitions of the Esquire magazine;
* 2016 - participation in the STARTinART exhibition in the K35 gallery;
* 2017 - personal exhibition "Good Dream" at the ART4 Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow;
* 2018 - costumes for the play "Splendor Solis" ("Brusnikin's Workshop", the author of the idea is Daria Beglova), London, Great Britain
* 2018 - personal exhibition "Reading man / Homo Lectio" in Totibadze Gallery, Moscow;
* 2019 - the book "You are looking at me" (illustrations by M. Borisov-Sevastyanov, poems by S. Stern), Moscow
* 2021 - personal exhibition at the residence La Chapelle Saint Antoine, Fr. Naxos, Greece.
Creator of decorations and art installations for events and companies
* Lunar Hare agency;
* R.S.V.P. agency;
* BACKSTAGE agency;
* Manor-Jazz;
*  Hello Moscow!;
* Km20 concept store;
* Allure magazine;
* Interview magazine;
* Beluga;
* SMIT and others.