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Dmitry Shorin
“Apology of delusions”

15 February — 29 March 2018

Dmitry Shorin
“Apology of delusions”

Dmitry Shorin's new project "The Apology of Delusions" consists of 14 paintings, each depicting a forest - dense, hopeless, deserted, or on the contrary not frequent, with the road, trees - slender pines, or curves or straight birches. The magic forest of Dmitri Shorin is filled with surprises, and these are not fabulous miracles, not gosh, not a mermaid on branches and the like, it's .... However, like Ulysses we will go on a journey through the forest of the Artist with himself as our Virgil. But first look back. The last solo exhibition of Dmitry Shorin was held in October 2015. Why did this positive master remain silent, creating on his canvases a brightly spectacular sensual world with its natural sexuality, greed for life. Probably "having gone through the earthly life to half", he "found himself in a gloomy forest" (Dante), stopped and pondered, trying to philosophically comprehend the essence of being and his place in time. We do not know if the artist has found the truth, but his searches, doubts, insights, etc. he painted very poetic in the images of wandering through the forest in search of an exit from it.

It is known, lost in the forest, we walk in a circle, constantly returning to the starting point. D. Shorin on his wanderings: "What a strange birch! The curve, as if to spite. Someone carved letters in the bark. Probably better to the right. There is a moss and a bush, and something like this blushes ... I'll go and see. " The red dress and girlish knees ("Morning in the forest") turn red, the artist rushes into the thicket, but the vision disappears, only the old bicycle ("Picnik") is found. "The forest mirage is strange. After all, there was a man behind the tree. I just wanted to get close to him and ask how to get out of here faster, sooner to the road back. It seemed like there was a house by the road, but there it is not, it's a mirage again. " The house by the road - a reflection in the old mirror of the surrounding him frequent straight pine trunks ("April"), creating a Gothic landscape. Artifacts literally fill the forest of the artist. "Strange is the birch! Curved, like a knee, with letters carved in the bark. His eyes darkened. There was a hope that this is another birch. Better left ... Watch better into the distance, collect the mirages. " The memory of the artist is turned into the past. Sheep on the deserted forest road ("Sheep") come forth from nowhere, creating an allusion with barbizons, a lonely ball ("Tanya") on the slope of the forest mountain sends us to the childhood of the artist and his generations ("Our Tanya is crying bitterly ..."). What is the artist looking for, what will we see? "What road?" It's a birch! Curve, as if to spite! And these two strange letters! I'll go straight now! It's not dark yet. " And again an artifact. An antique armchair with pink upholstery against the background of a group of gentle beautiful birches, a soft summer day, a dim light fills the space of the picture. The armchair beckons - sit on me, next to him in the grass flames a magical scarlet flower. Is this the ultimate goal of the quest - an easy life with the fulfillment of any desires, without painful doubts and worries? Answer in future projects of the master. However, the main forest mirage of the artist - the Concorde aircraft is clearly visible due to the curves of the birch trunks, these usually grow on a swamp. Who will this car take to the future?