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Alexander Plusnin

10 September — 15 October 2019
23 pop/off/art gallery

Alexander Plusnin

Alexander Plusnin, known for his experiments with various media, working on the verge of sculpture and object, translates ideas through complex conceptual systems, which pass through the leitmotif of his work. This project brings together the author's reflections in recent years. The artist applies a quasi-scientific approach to rethinking processes in contemporary art. Not without reason the title image is a six-finger hand - a mark of secret knowledge.

The exposition of the exhibition is planned as if it were the possession of a certain modern techno-alchemist. The exhibition is a hybrid form of glass balls for predictions, plasticine sculpture and projections of drawings in the space of 360 degrees. It is reminiscent of a liminal state or a liminal personality, in search of safer and more effective sources of energy for life. Everywhere we see stars, mountain landscapes and the surface of the Earth.

Who is an antichiler? - The first question a viewer can ask himself is. An artist as an antihero who knows all the secrets but is inactive? Or art itself as a dark, immense matter that brings neither information nor impressions? A kaleidoscope of meanings is formed into a slender pattern only when the optical devices used by the viewer are correctly positioned.

Alexander Plusnin, a graduate of the BAZA Institute of Contemporary Art, takes an active part in projects and exhibitions, which are held at the leading venues, museums and the Biennale of Contemporary Art. (MMOMA - Educational Center, Moscow, 2019; VIII Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art 2018, Ikuo Hirayama Cultural Caravanserai, Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Special Project of the 12th Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale 2017, Museum Center "Peace Square", Krasnoyarsk; VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, 2015, All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art; IX Shanghai Biennale of Contemporary Art, 2012). Curator of the Made on Earth exhibition at the Bashmet Center in July 2019, the Sphere group exhibition as part of the parallel program of the VI Moscow International Biennale of Young Art, 2018, and the Heliogabal project as part of the parallel program of the V Moscow International Biennale of Young Art, 2016. Lives and works in Moscow.

The pop/off/art gallery was founded in 2004 in Moscow by art historian Sergey Popov and represents Russian and international authors, focusing on artists from the post-Soviet space, Eastern and Central Europe. It is one of the top 5 Russian galleries (according to Forbes) and one of the world's top 500 galleries (according to Blouin Artinfo). Participates in the largest contemporary art fairs in Europe. The gallery has organized several dozens of museum projects in Russia. It is located on the territory of the Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow.