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Attention economy and (post)digital subject

16 May
19:30 — 20:30
20 Open Studios

Attention economy and (post)digital subject

Within the framework of the exhibition “Just to the left of the center, in the Golden Ratio” will be held a discussion on how the Internet environment provokes us to redefine the role and agency of the image and text.

Such platforms as YouTube and Twitch represent a tidbit for researchers of modern digital culture — the behavioral and communication patterns originating here can be read as symptoms indicating the principles of genesis, stability and decay of various forms of collective identity and self-presentation.

Blogs and streams force us to reckon with the factor of virality about analyzing, evaluating and creating content, as well as to re-outline or question the criteria of expertise and skill. Online platforms encourage you to convert any skill, any moment in the life of an individual — even a dream, for example — into a bargaining or commercial service.

Is there a place in modern digital culture for utopia and alternatives to economics attention? Can an artist afford not to join the competitive race on a par with Internet memes and bloggers? What happens to objectivity and what is the role of commentary in contemporary art today? And how can you interact with the viewer without indulging in the logic of the entertainment industry?

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