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Project START launched pop-up format

19 November 2018
The project of supporting young artists START has been implementing its activities for ten years, trying and implementing different formats.

In the jubilee season, START presents a pop-up format aimed at expanding the boundaries of the project - a personal exhibition of young artists  will complement other activities in a one-day format. In collaboration with designers, directors, choreographers, performers, theater companies, musicians and many other representatives of the creative world, the artists of the START project will have the opportunity to present their work in an amended form.

Institutional support for new names is the main direction of the project, and the pop-up format launched in honor of the decade contributes to the development of this idea. START - for all.
In order to participate, send your request to the mail

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13 December 2018
The laboratory of art criticism of Winzavod presents the first issue of the Bulletin - the main document of the project activities.

The name of the first issue of the Bulletin is Termite. The collection includes texts by Alain Badiou, Vilem Vlyusser, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Boris Klyushnikov, Konstantin Bokhorov, Alexandra Shestakova, Egor Sofronov, Vick Lashchenov, Marianna Kruchinova, Sasha Grach, Roman Balabanov, Anastasia Haustova.