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Summer City Camp 2018

21 May — 31 August 2018
6 Creative Workshops for all ages

Summer City Camp 2018

This summer, starting from May 21, in the Creative Workshops of CIC WINZAVOD, the Summer City Camp will traditionally open, which will operate until August 31. The program is designed for children from 6 years to 15 years.

Change - 5 days (from Monday to Friday) from 8:30 to 20:30. You can also leave the child for less (or more) days. The child can be brought at any time, starting at 8.30 am, and pick it up no later than 20:30. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - [zurtsum] cafe (specially for Creative Workshop - a delicious and healthy children's diet).

Each shift, apart from the various occupations in the workshops in an atmosphere of creative freedom, will be devoted to one main topic, and together with the guys we will build cities from Tetrapak, shoot cartoons on a camera, pottery on a potter's wheel and sculpture, learn the rare art of shadow theater and put on performances, talk about artists of the twentieth century and go to exhibitions, try to create oneself in different techniques, design ships from wood, planes and houses with furniture, paint with oil and many more new and interesting st.

And we will walk in the courtyard, go to sketches, play football, basketball and other outdoor games, and in the evenings - play board games, watch good films and read books.

At the end of each shift, on Fridays, we will arrange the opening of our exhibition, show a play or a cartoon made by ourselves.
"Summer City Camp" in the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod has long been a good tradition. "Summer City Camp" is held in "Creative Workshops for Any Age" every summer - since 2009, and since the very first shift is very popular.


 - month (20 days) - 2 000 rubles per day (40 000 rubles) 
 - week / full day (5 days) - 2 150 rubles per day (10 750 rubles)
 - week / half day (5 days) - 1 300 rubles per day (6 500 rubles)

The price includes three meals a day in the [zurtsum] cafe.

ATTENTION, DISCOUNTS! Discounts for season tickets in Summer Camp !!! If you pay by April 30, the cost of a subscription for 5 days is 9 500 rubles, for 20 days - 36 000 rubles.