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Kitill Kto
The paint and time spent on this painting would have been enough for 10-15 (20-30) canvases, of which 3-6 would have been successful

15 June — 15 July 2020
М The Wall Project (Small Area)

Kitill Kto
The paint and time spent on this painting would have been enough for 10-15 (20-30) canvases, of which 3-6 would have been successful


A new layer of the WALL - Painting and time spent on this work, would have been enough for 10-15 (20-30) canvases, of which 3-6 would have been successful  - by the artist Kirill Kto has appeared on the Wall.

"It often happens that street artists are partly or fully in demand among art concomporaries. On the one hand, it's good to be appreciated and you can live from the sale of works. But on the other hand, it's sad. 

Many have completely abandoned the street and unauthorized creativity in favor of profitable conformal interior works. Of course, painting on the legal wall - this is not an unauthorized activity in the city, but it is on it, as it is visible live to the gallery owners living at Winzavod and its visiting collectors, I decided to report that I have not re-profiled finally as many (I will not list here, these sad examples are well known) and continue to do what you can not buy the property and hang in the living room. The same is true for the city. 

No matter how sterile and hostile the urban reality is to the appearance of the works (most of them are painted over within 24 hours), I continue to act regularly there as well. That is, yes, I literally deprive the market of new works, but I leave myself some reason for self-respect," comments Kirill Kto commented on my work.

About the artist

Kirill Kto - Russian street art artist, from 2002 to 2009 was a member of art groups "Why?" and No Future Forever. For 20 years Kirill Kto has made his way from a street chronicler to a gallery artist (Kirill's exhibitions are held in the Syntax Gallery in the capital), his signature colorful phrases have become recognizable handwriting and folk proverbs for the walls as the words of a familiar song.

About the curators and partners of the Wall, the creative association of ARTMOSSPHERE

ARTMOSSPHERE is an independent creative association, an agent of support and development of street art in Russia, the creator and organizer of the Biennale of Street Art of the same name (2014/2016), the only international festival in Russia, fully dedicated to street art.

In May 2019 CCI Winzavod together with ARTMOSSPHERE held an open call for participation in the STENA project, which resulted in the selection of 8 artists: Igor Ders, Andrey Saylev, Ivan Simonov (Little People project), Tina Prokhorova (Tinstwin), Philippenzo, Onton Radayev (member of Varenye group of artists), PÒPCHENCO and Yulav.

By June 2020, Ders Flava, Philippenzo's "Kisses", Ivan Simonov's "Netsten", Tina Prokhorova's "Stress", Andrei Saylev's "It's all just for you" have already been sold on the Wall, each of which was widely covered in the media.

About the project

The Winzavod WALL project is a free space for dialogue with street art. Each new layer is a new street art project in the main art cluster of the country. Supporting street art during more than ten years of Winzavod's history has turned into a tradition, the WALL project itself has renewed the layers more than 30 times. Among the authors were the most significant representatives of street and contemporary art, such as Alexey Kallima, CHTAK, Timofey Radya, Pasha 183 and many others.