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Vladimir Dubosarsky and Ales Kochevnik
Save as picture

24 April — 01 September 2018

Vladimir Dubosarsky and Ales Kochevnik
Save as picture

April 24 in Gallery 21 will open the exhibition of Vladimir Dubosarsky and Ales Nomad "Save as an image." The exhibition presents unique art objects - the result of a collaboration of two artists.

Continuing to experiment with the possibilities of painting as a medium, Vladimir, in cooperation with Ales, changes the habitual perception of painting as a flat format, turning canvases into three-dimensional works, using them as material for creating objects.

Ales the Nomad writes: "Artistic works, even pictorial ones, should additionally have a function, some practical application. Picturesque canvases are created with the help of paints applied to any surface, and in cases of crisis life moments when there is a lack of material and emotional, they can be used as a pattern; sewing toys and clothes. While expanding the boundaries of the picturesque, which now becomes not only visual, but also tactile, and thus acquires a greater connection with the viewer or consumer. But every person still has a choice: to cut or not to cut. And it's a personal matter for everyone to decide whether a backpack, bag or toy is as valuable an object as a picture. "

Vladimir Dubosarsky: "If I continue to talk about the perspectives of modern Painting, I find it interesting to continue the destruction of this medium. Ruthless, cynical and sophisticated. Only such decisive actions, like hitting a syringe with adrenaline in a tired heart, will make the body come to life. But as we already know, not for long."