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Evgeny Dedov

24 January — 24 February 2017
22 Pechersky Gallery

Evgeny Dedov

January 24 in the gallery of Marina Pecherskaya at WINZAVOD opened a personal exhibition of Eugene Dedov "Models".

A new project by Eugene Dedova puts before the viewer the question of the meaning and purpose of the painting after painting. A series of impersonal portraits is the result of a mixture of two traditions: the conventional Russian classical and European modernist.

The starting point for the creation of the project was drawing and painting classes at the Vienna Academy of Arts. In his works, the artist managed to overcome the fine line between the student's sketch and the completed work. Picturesque reflex Dedov brought to automatism, he is interested in literally transferring his artistic experiences and sensations to the surface of the canvas. A kind of registration of feelings, expressed through outdated media painting. At the same time, the artist consciously refuses the mimesis. The final product of his work is not a portrait as such, but a unique mold from a person, a punched card of a single person. Following the logic of Jean Baudrillard, one can say that the heroes of Dedov's paintings only pretend to be present. Refusal to transfer the appearance, i.e. specific features of persons, deprives the characters of Dedov external, superficial spiritual content inherent in the psychological portraits of the XIX century.

Eugene Dedov received a classical education in KhPA them. Stieglitz. Following the academic tradition, the artist continues his education of the Vienna Academy of Arts. Currently he lives and works in Austria.