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Georgy Tochechnik
"The method of stopping a second"

23 January — 27 February 2018
22 ARTIS Gallery

Georgy Tochechnik
"The method of stopping a second"

ARTIS Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of George Tochechnik "Method of stopping a second".

The initial object in the artist's work was the point, hence the pseudonym "Pointer" and the name of the exhibition, which also symbolizes this concept. Of the set of points, the author's universes are born, where fictitious characters and objects have their prototype in reality.

The main technique here is a gel pen, a rapidogram and a colored paper. Works, saturated in form and content, can rightfully be called jeweler and skilful. They consist of many unrepeated parts and objects, drawn with virtuosity subtlety and bearing a certain meaning. Over each artist worked for at least a month, creating a unique world, balancing on the edge of fiction and reality.

The point is the basic concept of the set of sciences: mathematics, mechanics, physics, computer science, a certain place, the beginning and the end of everything, the primary element of painting, graphics, design and architecture. The photos consist of a lot of pixels, hence it is easy to imagine how our whole world breaks up into dots - the fundamental principle. Molecules are also points, attracted and repelled from each other, forming various connections, which then create the body. Stars - points on the canvas of the night sky gathering in an amazingly beautiful composition.

Like these processes, George creates works based on personal experience and experiences. He immerses himself in the essence of an object or event, in order then to express their depth. The image caught in the stream of consciousness manifests itself on paper and gives birth in another way, creating a single picture. Just as ancient people, trying to explain various natural and social phenomena, created mythology, the author in his works tries to interpret and convey his own vision of the processes and events taking place on the planet. A kind of view of the artist from the side.

George compares his work with the Rorschach test, in which the number of variants of interpretations is infinite and depends on the personality of the tested person. Here, anyone can see and think up something of their own. The plot of the picture will lead everyone to his side and tell an individual story. The fullness of the works with allegories will allow everyone to begin their dialogue with art.

Another metaphor given by the author to the works is "modern cave drawings", where the main thing is to show not the form but the content and meaning, to reflect the perceived reality, to recreate the archetypes. The sense space, materialized in works, is huge. The artist reinterprets and includes in them a lot of stories, stories, concepts, images: September 11, 2001, environmental disasters, power phenomenon, Indians, hackers, Chinese hieroglyphs, Adam and Eve, Adam Smith, yoga, Indian gods, money phenomenon, Buddha - only some of them. Also, the author uses the figures of animals, giving them a certain symbolism.

"The method of stopping a second" is a kind of journey, a quest in which every spectator can participate. A fascinating adventure into the depths of your own unconscious and the opportunity to touch the subtle beauty of familiar objects and phenomena.