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Vitaly Pushnitsky
Growing. Painting.

11 December — 20 January 2019
23 pop/off/art gallery
11 December —
20 January 2019
23 pop/off/art gallery
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12:00 — 20:00



Vitaly Pushnitsky
Growing. Painting.

Vitaly Pushnitsky's exhibition “Growing. Painting ”is the fourth personal project of a famous Petersburg artist in the pop / off / art gallery. This exhibition is connected with the development of the famous Studio series - a metaphorical image of the artist's studio - on which Pushnitsky has been working for the fifth year. In this project, the creative workshop has been moved to the natural area, thus the author declares the inseparability of man and nature, the interpenetration of interiors and landscapes. Elements of the plant world are included in some of the artist’s paintings, at the same time he uses all the gallery space to create a single image of painting as an installation. Each work of Vitaly Pushnitsky in recent years has significant positional weight. Almost over each of them, the artist has been working for months, turning a pictorial canvas into a bright, multi-layered statement. The gallery pop / off / art will feature three large-scale works exhibited in London, Vienna and Szentendre (Hungary). All of them will be shown for the first time in Russia. Other works from the Studio series are included in the largest collections in Russia, including the collection of the Ekaterina Foundation and the Shalva Breus collection.